AB Entertainment Introducing AB Academy.

Wecomics Exclusive Webtoon Academy

AB Entertainment has always fostered its mission to empower artists to derive the best education to excel in the dreams that they want to achieve.

Currently, AB Entertainment’s exclusive Webtoon academy Wecomics houses 100 trainees in hopes of launching their careers as a webtoon artist. In the year 2018, there are 30 trainees who are deemed ready to debut in the mainstream platforms.

Wecomics offers basic/advanced drawing, digital drawing, sketch-up background classes, story-telling, and more to provide a suitable curriculum for all standards.

In addition, we also offer a strategic selection of support for artists in need of help with the background or assistance in finalizing their project.

AB Entertainment exclusive Lecture from Professional Webtoon Artist

We offer free classes to current and potential webtoon artists who are part of the team.

Wecomics Locations


GangNam Center


GeonDae Center


Bundang Center


MyongJi Center

Wacom Academy Shop

AB Entertainment holds in-house the state of the art and new technology from its partner Wacom. 

We are currently offering signed artists a deal on all new and old products of Wacom.